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Sainte Hélène Lake

Lake Saint Helena is a lake of post-glacial origin with an area of 25 ha, an average depth of 6 m and a maximum of 10 m. Fed by the Coisin stream, its outfall is the Coisetan and it has a small island on the west bank side.

After an ecological restoration project launched in the early 2000s by local stakeholders, the lake has been covered since 2007 by the natural area of ecological, faunistic and floristic interest (ZNIEFF) of the “Marais du Coisetan and Lac de Sainte-Hélène "And by the Natura 2000 site" Network of wetlands in the Combe de Savoie and the lower Isère valley "and is also part of the wetland inventory.

Finally, the lake is classified in the second piscicultural category and shelters all the white fish, namely carps in quantity, pike tench, catfish, sun perch, or also trout perch (or black-bass), introduced to limit the presence of catfish.

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