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Le Semnoz

The Semnoz is a medium altitude mountain (1699m) 16 kilometers long.

The green lung of the Annecy agglomeration, Semnoz is also nicknamed "the mountain of the Annecy ". The massif forming part of the Bauges natural park is very protected and it has been impossible to build there since the 1970s . For the agglomeration of Annecy where land is scarce and therefore very expensive, it is a chance to keep a green space of this quality and which plunges directly into the city center. With the exception of its summit, in alpine pastures, the Semnoz is entirely wooded.

The Semnoz mountain can be climbed by three slopes. The first, the northern slope, from Annecy , is 17.4 km long. The second, the northwest slope, commonly starts in Quintal for about 11 km. The last, the easier south-eastern slope, starts at the Leschaux pass (897 km) for 13.4 km.

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