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Mont Granier

Mount Granier is a 1933m summit located in the French Alps , between the commune of Chapareillan (department of Isère ) and that of Entremont-le-Vieux (department of Savoie ), limiting the massif of the Charterhouse .

This north face consists of a cliff almost 900 m high, which appeared on the night of November 24 to 25, 1248 following a gigantic landslide which made part of the mountain disappear. It is probably the largest known collapse in the history of Europe. The number of victims is estimated at nearly 1,000, and this disaster gave birth to one of the largest limestone cliffs in France with 700 meters of sheer drop.

A series of large landslides in April and May 2016 followed the strong daily variations in temperature. Fortunately without causing casualties.

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