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Grand Revard viewpoint

Savoie Grand Revard is made up of several Alpine and Nordic ski areas, from three French village resorts, Le Revard, La Féclaz and Saint-François-de-Sales, in the Bauges mountains.

Promotionally nicknamed Little Canada, the Nordic area offers varied landscapes, summer and winter, through its mountain pastures, clearings and forests.

In 1878, the opening of the Pertuiset road made the Revard accessible to all (4 hours from Aix on foot for a good walker). The Aix-les-Bains le Revard rack railway was opened in August 1892 on the initiative of part of the Aix elite.

Le Revard thus becomes the first French station called "2nd or 3rd generation", that is to say built from scratch unlike those that develop around a village.

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