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The city is nicknamed the "City of Dukes" because acquired by the House of Savoy in 1232 , it becomes the political capital of the Counts of Savoie in 1295 when the castle was purchased and the official establishment of the Resident Council, then duchy of Savoy from 1416 until his transfer to Turin in 1562 2 .


Chambéry remains the historic capital of the States of Savoie, however . Thanks to the mastery of the great Alpine passes and the route to Italy, which earned them the nickname of Portiers des Alpes, the counts, then dukes of Savoy, who became kings of Sardinia in 1718 , exerted a certain influence in Europe , in particular by establishing a veritable laboratory of "enlightened absolutism".


From 1792 to 1815 and since 1860 , the city was part of France .

Marked by a late industrialization , the economy of the city rested a long time on the presence of the administrations and the army . Its historic center was partially destroyed during the bombings of May 1944

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Petit Train de Chambéry

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